Aung La N Sang Vs Brandon Vera (October Ah)

Aung La N sang (the Burmese python) nih Japan pa Ken Hasegawa cu a voi 2nak One: A New Era timi tlangtar in March 31 (2019), an rak iphomh than i a rak tei dihka tlawmpal ah Aung La N Sang cu Brandon Vera nih hmaitonh te le bianem ngai in a rak zuam cawh.

Brandon Vera cu Philippines le Italy rammi thi cawh a si. Cun American ram ah a chuah i a thang lianmi zong a si. A pa cu Philippines rammi a si, a nu cu Italy rammi a si.

Brandon cu The One ah Heavyweight World Champion cotu a si, Brandon “The Truth” Vera ti zongah ti a si ve. Heavyweight world champion a si ko nain, atutan i Aung La N Sang a zuamcawh duhmi taisawm cu heavyweight nakin a hung niam deuhmi “Light Heavyweight World Champion taisawm a si.

Aung La N Sang caah cun zuamcawhnak ngan ngaingai a si kan ti khawh. A ruang cu middleweight le light heavyweight tiang lawng aa thong rihmi a si. Brandon Vera tu cu atu lio heavyweight champion a si caah a si.

Nang, ahodah na zumh deuh, a ra laimi hmaithla (October 13), Japan ram thotho ah One: Century timi tlangtar bunh in Aung La le Brandon cu an iphomh te lai.

A tanglei ah, Brandon nih Aung La a zuamcawh lio video tawi;

🚨 IT'S ON 🚨 Aung La N Sang accepts Brandon Vera's challenge for the ONE Light Heavyweight World Title!

🚨 IT'S ON 🚨Aung La Nsang(Burmese Python) accepts Brandon Vera's challenge for the ONE Light Heavyweight World Title!Watch the full event on the ONE Super App 👉 | TV: Check local listings for global broadcast

Posted by ONE Championship on Sunday, March 31, 2019

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